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Facebook groups to promote your handmade items

 List of Facebook groups:  14.6k members as of April 23, 2021 This group is for anyone who makes handmade crafts or has a shop and sells handmade crafts for their consignees. The only condition is it has to be a handmade finished product. You are welcome to post upcoming events or links to your pages! I want this to be a place where we can sell our handmade crafts!  NOTE: As of April 23, 2021 it has over 14k members, that's worth looking into in the future and start listing there are well at some point. 2. This one looks like you need to be a member of Handmade Artists  - the description of the FB group is:  It's Better Handmade! New members please see the membership guidelines
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Gift ideas - recycled DVDs and CDs

 We are all more conscious of the tremendous amount of waste produced on a daily basis. We have been saving many of our DVDs that we no longer need and started being creative with them. Here are few of them online. We use recycled magazines, junk mail, notecards and greeting cards in a creative way. You forget that they were headed to the trash can. I hope you will like some of them. It's a better alternative, in my opinion to the small square coasters. It's much roomier to hold your favorite cup of coffee or tea, as well as drinks. They also make great house warming gifts as well.   (click on the images to purchase, if they are still available. Don't worry, new designs are coming up often)   Here is another one with blue theme, do you see the skier ?   Check the coasters section often, as new items get added. If you buy more than $35 worth of giftable items, you would get 10% discount, till May 21st, 2021.   What other themes and colors would you like to see?

My DIY bookmarks, ideas, Beadwork

  Since I had the problem with accessing my bookmarks, I decided to have this google sites page, in order to access my bookmarks anytime and anywhere. I love the indexing feature of Google. Started on May 24, 2019 leather supplier on Etsy MAKE YOUR OWN: POM-POMS AND TASSELS .     Hobbies Get tips and advice on saving and collecting a variety of goods like cards, dolls, stamps, rare coins and more.   DIY Projects If you love crafting, we've got a large array of DIY projects for you to spruce up your space, make something unique, or simply pass the time. Build a fire pit, make your own costume, or even DIY a cat tree!  Needlecrafts Explore the expansive category of needlecrafts, including sewing, embroidery, quilting, crochet and knitting.  Paper Crafts Paper is such a versatile crafting materi

Handmade Business Mistakes 😲 4 Things I'll Never Do Again ❌

Reviews of Print on Demand companies If you have your own website, you don't have built in followers. As to Etsy: it depends on how new, now much engagement you get, there are many factors. Search trends, seo, add in description and tags. Etsy vs Shopify - Pros and Cons 2021 for Handmade Business Print On Demand Stores Are Being SHUT DOWN & SUED (Why RedBubble, Etsy & Teespring Close Stores) WATCH OUR MOST POPULAR VIDEOS: ►► How I Make $1,000/Day From 5 Sources Of Income: ​ ►► 10 Tips To Create T-Shirts That Sell: ​ ►► How I Made $1000/Day At Age 15 [Animated]: ​ ►► 7 Mistakes I Made That Caused My Store To Fail: ​ ►► The Passive Income Store Case Study: ​ RedBubble vs. Printify vs. Teespring REVIEW! (Which Is The Best Print On Demand Supplier?)

Modern crochet designs I LOVE!

 I will share on this page and update often crochet stitch designs that I love. If you know of similar pages, please comment and share links. I would love to see them. At first it gave me the impression that it was cross stitch! What an amazing design! I will attempt to make with different colors, I love this modern cross stitch design. Check these amazing mosaic squares Here are free crochet patterns:

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